Enhancing Data Quality And Accuracy: A Case Study On A Leading Market Research Company's Approach


A leading market research company, specializing inrecruitment-oriented experience management systems for the service sector, sought to improve the quality ofdata they were collecting, processing, and distributing. By partnering with 9series and leveraging Qualtrics, the com- pany aimed to enhance data accuracy in their surveys and reports, ultimately boosting client satisfaction and generating more recurring business.


The company faced issues with data collection, processing, and distribution of survey reports due to inaccuracies. The existing processes led to lower client satisfaction and a higher dropout ratio in survey participation.


9series provided a comprehensive solution to address these challenges,including:

  • Checks on data collection, processing, and distribution

  • Survey verification process improvement

  • Introduction of A/B testing

  • Improvisation of qualifier questions

  • Random verification process implementation

  • Introduction of automation

To understand the company's existing processes and areas for improvement, 9series conducted one-on-one discussions, OKR-based assessments, reviewed past reports, and verified the accuracy of current data using the right QA process.


The implementation process involved agile thinking, OKR-based phased implementation, careful survey reviews, and creative interfaces and question selection to avoid cheat detection. The focus was on enhancing the data quality at every stage of the market research process.


The implemented solutions led to significant improvements in key performance indicators:

  • Survey accuracy increased by 12%

  • Outlier identification process improved by 15%

  • NPS review saw a 5% increase

  • Customer satisfaction rose by 24%

  • Reduced dropout ratio by 35% due to asking relevant questions

These improvements not only increased client satisfaction but also generated more recurring business from existing clients.

Future Improvements

The company plans to continue working on enhancing data quality and accuracy by using advanced benchmarks for further improvements in their market research approach.


We managed to provide significantly improved data quality and accuracy in the surveys and reports. The enhancements led to increased client satisfaction, more recurring business, and brighter future for the company delivering high-quality market research services. During the implementation process, challenges like gap analysis, POC implementation, and outcome reviews were addressed through systematic approaches, effective communication, and trust in the process.

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