InsurTech Case Study – E-bima

Client Overview

The client is based out of India in the educational content market for the last 60+ years by publishing books in multiple foreign languages and manufacturing stationery for various schools in the country. It recently took the initiative in providing digital solutions for enhancing the education and learning processes among the students and teachers in schools. It uses enhanced solutions engineered explicitly for simulating the learning environment. The segment has served over 2500 schools with its interactive and engaging content through video, audio, question papers, and vocabulary exercises.

Challenges Faced

The client decided to foray into digital and e-learning solutions due to some concerns regarding creating a balance between the plethora of information they have and the restrictions in a fixed syllabus course. Since they are a significant participant in the resale market for books, they were facing another complex situation. They came to know that the students are unable to get the full advantage of question papers, quizzes, exam exercises, and vocabulary from their chapters.

Due to a limited system of preparing for exams that only require mugging up the syllabus, they found out that students lacked proper material for practicing and testing themselves. Due to the limited time for exam preparation, the client also found that teachers and school management were unable to map out accurate question papers according to the board and syllabus.

Business Needs

The most significant need of the client was making the information sharing structure more accessible, feasible, and convenient. They wanted a solution where students can easily attain detailed information on any page of the book by merely scanning it. It could be either in the form of audio, video, quizzes, or taking to another external website URL. They were in the lookout for a mobile application that can be used across all the students.

When students want to gain additional information about any topic or chapter, they can just use the app to scan the content. Since students need to grasp each concept precisely, the client also wanted to make the content more engaging. Through such material, they can prepare for the exams as well as self-attest too. Plus, teachers and school management can plan out better question banks and papers, and generate report cards with better visuals.

Our Product

Based on the needs of the client, we decided to deliver a digital solution that can create ways to access content for schools and yet help the client by condensing down a lot of information. For conceptualizing it and making it flow according to the course, we integrated appropriate technologies in the following ways:

Web Application: The web application we created was for administrative use. Through such a panel, the authorized person can create and log various activities done in terms of watching videos, audios, and any redirection to external links. It also included an essential purpose of attaching specific information with a piece of an image scanned. Any piece from the book scanned through the mobile app’s camera will go through this information on the admin panel, and will then be displayed to end-users.

Mobile Application: The mobile app we developed intending to serve the end-users by merely registering with it. Students can register themselves on the app to start using its scanning services. The app is integrated with the smartphone’s camera, which would be used to scan the pages from any topic or chapter of the books. The scanned image is then sent to the server to retrieve additional information and activities, which would be displayed to the users.

Our Approach and Process

We developed a mobile application because it’s the most scalable technology for such a large enterprise, like our client and the market with which they are dealing. It can scale for different platforms in the future as the audience base grows. Also, it is easier to access and adapt according to the multiple needs of each learner involved. It is also the simplest way to put the most relevant content in a visible location and explain complex topics. Our approach for this project revolved around delivering a high volume of content in the shortest amount of time.

Thus, we started analyzing the resale market in books and saw the most common challenges were lack of proper access to complete information regarding any topic. For this, a development team of 3 expert engineers worked dedicatedly to create an admin panel for the web app and a mobile app for Android OS to go with it. We wanted to create a relational database to emphasize the extensibility of SQL compliances. Hence we utilized the potential of PostgreSQL. We decided to develop an iterative structure that provides a space to learn and share information. We specifically focused on program designing and operations for clarifying and synthesizing the experiences of the participants.


With our solution in use, our client saw a significant increase in the number of students using the app under the age bracket of 10-21 years. Since there is a high demand-supply gap in education currently, the client attempted to bridge that gap by providing smooth delivery of educational content. They also contributed to the share of online training in the country by increasing their reach to at least 20 more schools. While talking about expanding the user base, they were able to reach 26% more users willing to learn in different languages.

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