Instagram Account Analyzer : ChatGPT Integration


This application offers the fastest and most accurate way to analyze your account and gain valuable insights about your audience and key performance metrics.


The main objective of the application is to analyse user data and give insights about their account follower while also share recommendations on how to improve their account on lacking points.

  • Track your followers, unfollowers, likes, and viewers of your account in real-time

  • Monitor your follower growth, and post-performance

  • Detect your secret admirers, not following you but showing any activity on your account.

  • ChatGPT integration to capture and advise activities to users to enhance their account and engagement


The client wanted an analytical platform which just not provide the insights about the account performance but also provide area of improvement by providing recommendations.


  • The implementation process began with a phased approach, creating a step-by-step plan for automating essential milestones. This allowed the market research SME to smoothly transition from manual processes to automation, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth adoption of new technologies.

  • Developed top-notch architecture maintaining a high volume of consumers

  • Managed to reduce memory consumption by 80% using AWS - WebAssembly

  • Integration of highly secured payment gateway via Stripe-Recurly

Technology Stack

  • For front-end, we used Vue.js as it is lightweight technology and can perform well swiftly

  • For back end, we used Python as it helps data scrapping and execution easier

  • For user account enhancement we integrated ChatGPT for suggestions & recommendations

  • For payment, we integrated Stripe-Recurly & Apple Pay for secure and safe transactions

9series Role

Product Engineering, Architecture Defining

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