Intuify's Journey Embracing AI-Powered Tools for Market Research


Intuify is a market research startup that has been working with 9series for the past four years, together adopting Qualtrics into their technology stack. They have worked with companies such as Pepsico and Microsoft. Intuify aimed to use advanced technology to bring effectiveness to its mission to be disruptive in the market research ecosystem.


Intuify faced multiple challenges, including competitive pressure, deriving meaningful data, deficiency innovation, and advanced data analytics.


9series collaborated with Intuify to build and implement AI and ML techniques to upgrade their customer offering. They used ChatGPT, Azure NLP, AWS Lex, and a few other confidential tools to bring automation, exceptional value, cost-effectiveness, efficient and a competitive edge to their market research services. They executed a few proof-of-concept (POC) projects, showcasing the objectives and working to achieve them.


25% sales increment along with 45% overall sales revenue was hit by Intuify by structured process adopting AI-powered tools. Intuify also achieved their set goal of getting into the the unruly ecosystem and increasing sales revenue in existing clients.

Overcoming Challenges

Intuify faced limited datasets during POC, accuracy concerns with algorithms, dependency on third-party service provid- ers, and the challenge of transitioning from their current technology ecosystem. They overcame these challenges through a growth mindset and perseverance.

Success Story

Intuify successfully implemented AI-powered tools in their market research process. One specific example is the use of audio files, which were converted to text, followed by the generation of word clouds and intent analysis.

Future Plans

Intuify has now budgeted a special provision for AI/ML investment, intending to keep experimenting with new interfaces and APIs to continually innovate and improve their market research services.

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