Client Overview

Our client is a foreign company that deals with all the services related to market research of different products and services. Their platform conducts research-based surveys and allocates some specific tasks to users based on their locations. They have different parameters to analyze which product is good and which is not suitable for promotion. The company works on the concept of rewarding the end-users when they upload videos of products.

Challenges Faced

The client was facing an issue regarding the convenience of user experience. They were also seeking assistance for solutions that center around user-based tasks and can help their partners in launching new products. Since the platform highly relies on the users’ capabilities to take surveys and upload videos about the products. Apart from that, they also needed help to target businesses in a particular industry, find competitors, and analyze them. They faced a challenge regarding aiming their target customers, to get an idea of current and future trends and buying patterns. That leaves online surveys as a great way to reach lots of customers and get preliminary answers within hours. The survey system is now available on typical of this form of market research.

Needs of The Client

The first and foremost thing they needed was a more accessible and convenient client dashboard where videos captured by the end-users were visible to everyone who accesses it. They didn’t have this feature earlier and wanted to take this to another level. The end-users needed some specific permissions to access and watch these videos without any other information being revealed. Their dashboard system allowed users to share videos, trim them accordingly, and also send invitations to others. Hence, they wanted a solution where they can create new fields for conducting surveys and analyze a task that has been assigned to their end-users. It included the placement of a product in a mall, the position of the product on a shelf, a description of it, and defined target customers.

They also wanted to discover new market opportunities that might be available by identifying geographic regions for expansion and/or test the market’s readiness for new products or services. To answer these questions, they wanted to analyze existing data and gain insights in areas like Market size, Demographics, Industry dynamics, General industry data such as number of firms and their geographic distribution.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements of the client as specified by them, we wanted to develop a solution that can be easily accessed by end-users on any device. The experience of filling a survey and uploading videos matter a lot when it comes to making a successful product. So, we decided to build a web app, dashboard, and an annotator system. All of them had different functions and were beneficial for various groups involved with our client.

Web App: We developed a web app for the client that made it easier for the end-users to upload videos as and when they wanted to, after being assigned a task. As per the insights of the video, teams can get a head start in understanding the initial performance, as well as the factors driving such performance. We also created new fields for taking surveys, defined the users who would be taking it, and even the responding users. We also ensured there is a proper system of analyzing the backend and interpreting its usefulness for the client.

Client Dashboard: As per their requirement, they needed to create a dashboard with extra permissions for the end-users who will be accessing and watching the videos. Hence, we added a feature where the client can add specific permissions regarding which videos the users can view, without revealing any other information.

Annotator for End-users: This is a very predominant and essential feature that we added in their system that is used for analyzing the videos uploaded on the system by various end-users. The analysis is manually done where different parameters ranging around 700 – 800 in number, starting from the visibility of product, placements, audio, among others, were analyzed for the market research of a product. After the process, a team of experts derives the results from that analysis and generates concluding reports.

Our Approach

Our approach was accustomed and streamlined according to the process of market research. Here all the key components of a business are identified and analyzed. We started by identifying something specific regarding which our client was facing some issues. It included identifying the problem that people are actually facing and what they don’t like about the current situation. Our approach was in line with theirs, as they also wanted a user perspective in all of their solutions. Their platform needed something that makes the process interesting for end-users and that they want to communicate and consume such information. Then we set up a logical way to ask our questions from our client to get comprehensive data and make sure that no vital branch is missing.

The process started by analyzing the qualities and gauging interest in any add-on features or services we are adding to it. And then, we decided that a mobile app, annotator for analyzing data, and a client dashboard would be the easiest way to solve challenges faced by both the client and end-users. Our set of tools and tactics then concerned developing user-based tasks, easy sharing of information across them, and a detailed analysis of responses received through surveys and videos. The parameters also need to be embedded appropriately so that videos are analyzed as per the behavior, usefulness, among others. Obtaining this type of market data is a necessary first step to help firmly size up a new market to determine the optimal business strategy and operations.

We dedicated our time to development with a team of a total of 10 members working on different departments. These included Backend analysis, web platform, admin panel, Q/A testing, and Android and iOS native web apps. For such a large infrastructure, we needed to store all the crucial data in a secured storage system. And to facilitate that we used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud storage. For performing distinct operations related to videos, we utilized the services of FFMPEG library for branding and trimming purposes.

For analyzing these videos and survey results on an in-depth level we also used next-generation technologies of Machine Learning that enabled us to assess consumer behavior, and preferences. The impact of the structure heavily relies on the programming languages used to write codes. Hence, we opted to go for the languages like Laravel-PHP, and Angular for dashboard. Our developers have expertise and experience in these technologies because we consider them ideal for developing a convenient and customizable structure.

Benefits to the Client

Video marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of market research of our client, and end-users continue to value the content more than ever for their buyer journey too. Utilizing our solutions, the client saw an upward growth of around 42-45% among the people who are convinced to buy a product from their partners. While viewers most commonly use video as a starting point to build their knowledge about a product or service, it has also acted as a ‘tipping point’ for an overwhelming majority of consumers. The partners have also said, “The videos are now getting watched more than they did earlier, It’s almost a 15% jump in the average watching time too. It has really impacted a lot.”

They have become a decisive factor that convinces them to buy or download a product or piece of software. It also helped them to create content that adds value, and the audience is almost overwhelmingly happy to give that video extra impact by sharing it with their friends. Consumers are also keen to see more video content from brands over the next twelve months. Last but not least, a user-based point of view in the solution enabled a 6% increase in their ROI from last year to this year.

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