Health Care - Payscript


PayScript is a platform which manage end-to-end payscript management which is entirely performed online. While developing a easy and quick platform, PayScript allows user (Patient) to get their script requested via Email, WhatsApp or Message. Postreceiving the link they can get the payment done and view their script and can store it.

Payscript offers doctors and patients alike the opportunity to transact easily, safely, & efficiently.


The main objective for this project is to developed a platform which can manage end-to-end script management while offer hustle free user experience.

  • Group request mechanism for faster acceptance of patient and delivering of script

  • Time consumption of patient visit reduced by 64%

  • Through the platform 1500+ scripts are generated each week

  • Increased script generation from 25% to 75%

Challenges Solved

  • To develop strong backend to manage high volume of script

  • To create mechanism for multiple notifications on single request

  • To develop separate module for both manual and automated script upload

Technology Stack

Andorid - iOS - Vujs - PHP - Mysql

9series Role

Architecture Development, Product Engineering, UI-UX Designing, Payment Integration (Peach Payments)

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