InsurTech Case Study – E-bima


Orion is a Pioneering Tool for RPAS Operations Management. CrossChecks has reinvented the way Commercial RPAS Operations can be managed in South Africa. CrossChecks offer a streamlined, holistic solution - merging business management with SACAA compliance. CrossChecks provide an invaluable tool that is simple to use and seamlessly integrates regulatory requirements into everyday business practice.


Objective for this project is to develop a platform which is efficient and allow user to get seamless experience. We developed a comprehensive platform which has dashboard with key data, Flight planning, Reporting, Team creation for better performance evaluation.

  • Dashboard And Notices - The dashboard offers a graphical user interface that organises and displays important information at a glance.

  • Flight Planning - A fast and efficient mission planning and execution process, where everything is kept in one place.

  • Reporting - Up-to-the-minute status, Flight Folios and Battery Logs

  • Aircraft, Asset And Maintenance Tracking - Store, manage and track all aircraft and asset documentation and expiries in one place and with ease.

  • Teams creation - Easily create teams and assign personnel and assets to them.

  • QMS / SMS Module - As a stand-alone audit module for any aviation organisation, or as a fully integrated Quality & Safety system to your CrossChecks

Challenges solved

  • Separate module roles and Permission

  • UI/UX design for Mission planning to execution

  • Calculation for the reporting data

  • Mobile app creation with mission sync with web-portal

Technology stack

Python - VueJS - Flutter - Cross Platform

9series role

Product Engineering, Architecture Define, UI-UX Designing

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