A Leading Market Research SME Success Story : Adopting Automation For Efficient Market Research Processes


In today's competitive market research industry, adopting automation is essential for efficiency, quality, and scalability.A Seattle-based market research SME specializing in the healthcare domain and conducting studies for clinical research and medical practitioners, recognized these needs and sought the help of 9series to improve their market research processes.


The market research SME faced several challenges, including manual processes that hindered speed, a lack of process driven work that increased dependency on individuals, unpredictable report accuracy and quality, and ineffective report and data selection. These issues were affecting the company's ability to scale its operations and provide consistently high-quality services to their clients.


9series worked closely with the market research SME, scheduling meetings and gathering feedback from various stakeholders to understand the company's key problems and analyze pas outputs. By adopting an agile approach and consulting with partners, 9series provided tailored automation solutions, including.

  • Data pipeline, orchestration, & field mapping

  • Workflow-based decision-making

  • Due diligence of reports

  • Automated PPT generation

  • API-driven analytics integration

  • QA process


The implementation process began with a phased approach, creating a step-by-step plan for automating essential milestones. This allowed the market research SME to smoothly transition from manual processes to automation, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth adoption of new technologies.


These improvements ranged from 5% to 60% showcasing the substantial positive impact of automation on the market research SME's operations..

  • SOW to Deliverables time duration reduced

  • Data efficiency increased

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) improved

  • Customer satisfaction levels increased

  • Person-hours required to complete projects reduced

These improvements ranged from 5% to 60%,showcasing the substantial positive impact of automation on the market research SME's operations.


Minimal challenges were encountered during the implementation process, thanks to the thorough planning and phased approach adopted by 9series.

Impact on Client Relationships

The adoption of automation had a drastic positive effect on the market research SME's relationship with their clients. With more efficient processes, improved accuracy and faster turnaround times, the company was able to better meet the needs of its clients and strengthen its position in the competitive market research industry.


By partnering with 9series to adopt automation, the market research SME was able to overcome their challenges and streamline its market research processes. The company's operations are now more efficient, higher quality, and scalable, allowing them to grow their business and better serve their healthcare clients.

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