Automobile - Startup Solvit


Solvit is an On-Demand Asset and Situation Inspection Platform that sends it closest available roaming Solvers to inspect and assess assets and situations.

Solvit provides Vehicle Valuation, Accident Reporting, Vehicle Repair Assessment and Post Repair Assessment by receiving the request to inspect a vehicle, they notify the customer and their roaming solvers get to the location as soon as possible and conduct the inspection service and submit the report to Solvit which is then made available on the platform.


The main objective of the project is to develop a platform which automate end-to-end process while allows user to get seamless experience on their dealing. We build this platform with numerous features which allows user to user to access the platform hustle free.

  • Build 4 different user types for smooth usability and separate functionality

  • Developed platform which has overall online process of end-to-end solution

  • Build easy and quick request allotment module based on geographic coordinate

  • Developed functionality which allows requests to move to the next available solver based on availability

  • Build scheduling facility to manage requests which can not be entertained in real-time

  • Developed offline form module to capture data with no internet access


Developing a platform which has multiple user with different requirements while allowing features which are offline and based on location was tough implementation to perform.

  • Developed mechanism to automated calculation for hustle free evaluation with multiple formulas

  • Due to uncertain internet access, build offline form filling to save data/details

  • Developed scheduling functionality in scenario of unavailability of Solver

  • Build background auto loading to eliminate time consumption

  • Developed location based assignment of Solver by implementing ordinates

Technology Stack

PHP - Laravel - Android - Native

9series Role

Product Engineering, Architecture Define, UI UX Designing

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