Tech Startup : Symbiosys


Symbiosys is platform which allows user to manage their all paid campaigns at one place with wide range of features and comprehensive dashboard which highlights performance of the campaign metrics.

Symbiosys offers seamless experience on end-to-end campaigns management from campaign creation to performance evaluation. The platform also offers multiple channels to run the campaigns and collect data from various metrics while conclude it at one dashboard.


Objective for this project is to develop comprehensive platform while integrating multiple channels with it which can fetch real-time data and showcase performance at one place in dashboard format.

  • Develop platform

  • Integrate multiple data sources i.e. Google Ads, Meta Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads and more

  • Capture accurate performance based on ad metrics

  • Single dashboard to showcase data of campaign performance

  • End-to-end campaign management


Building a platform that is integrated with multiple data sources while fetching and displaying the performance at single dashboard was difficult implementation.

  • Integration of multiple data sources

  • Capture real-time campaign performance

  • Single dashboard with evaluation reports

  • Multiple user allocation with roles & access

Technology stack

Python - Fast API - VueJS

9series role

Technical Architecture Design, Ui-Ux Designing, Domain Help (Google Ads, Meta, Pinterest)

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