“We are a bunch of idealists, strategists, developers, perfectionists & realists all thrown together. We develop fabulous software & apps. As a leading venture, we are focused on digital transformation services and solutions for clients globally. With a solid market presence of over 8+ years in IT business, the experience of 9series is encouraged with many man-hours focused on conveying innovative services and solutions. We have 120+ mobile apps developed, 250+ customers served effectively, and spread across countries, like, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Finland, UK, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, UAE, still more to include.”

9series stands tall on these 6 pillars


Our people work with the same vision to develop & deliver the best


We work with passion to deliver high-performance & high-quality work


Follow the process to complete the work is what our people do


Practice to work passionately and follow the process in every project


Persistent to work passionately, following the process and practicing to deliver perfection


Patience is the key to our success.

Leadership Team

“Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality”
  • Rajnikant Joshi Co-founder & CEO
  • Ashwin Vairu Co-founder & Director

Mobile & Open Source Technology Ninja

Mr Rajnikant Joshi is a distinguished leader in the IT industry. He leads the daily operations at 9series along with the product development with an attitude that “Everything is Possible”. Over the years, he has functioned as technical director and a mentor for many technologies trending in the IT industry. Personally, he believes that recent IT enabled technology has the potential to solve many problems, a right perspective of entrepreneurship could really make the difference. Academically he has completed his Masters from BITS - Pilani specializing in Software System.

Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

Being an engineer and entrepreneur, Ashwin believes in doing things differently. His ability to view the same problem from a different perspective is making him stand out from the crowd. From a software developer to a business developer, he played various roles in 15+ years of his career. He is a co-founder at 9series and leading a product team. With a motto "Those who are active are young”, Ashwin is making continuous efforts on generating brand value for the organization. A true believer in building long-term business relationships, he has given a vision to 9series with "Handcrafted Technology Solutions". Also, he is a co-founder at a couple of tech startups. Feel free to get in touch with him over LinkedIn to interact in person.


Our Values

We engage the spirit of productivity and responsibility for work in every employee, driven by the flawless strategies in our every undertaking. We firmly put stock in association and praiseworthy benchmarks of hierarchical practices.

Our Mission

Is to identify and solve the problems with our logical and technical skills.

Our Vision

Is to become a trusted brand on which our employees and clients can bank on without any hesitation.

Our Journey So Far…

  • 8+ Years Experience
  • 100+ Engineering Team
  • 120+ Mobile Apps Developed
  • 250+ Clients Served
  • 600+ Success Stories
  1. We grew to

    10 Members

    Served Client

    47 Clients
    Added Services

    VB.Net, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WCF & WPF

    Core PHP, Magento & CodeIgniter








    Joomla, Dolibarr ERP & Drupal

    Git Repository

  2. We grew to

    25 Members

    Served Client

    105 Clients
    Added Services

    Testing Services

    AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud



    OpenERP Customization

    Southpaw TACTIC


    WS Test Automation

  3. We grew to

    34 Members

    Served Client

    172 Clients
    Added Services



    Big Data







    Test Automation

  4. We grew to

    48 Members

    Served Client

    195 Clients
    Added Services



    Image Processing


    Machine Learning

    React Native


    Docker Driven Development

    TCP Based C++ Development

  5. We grew to

    62 Members

    Served Client

    210+ Clients
    Added Services

    Continuous Integration



  6. We grew to

    65+ Members

    Served Client

    207+ Clients
    Added Services

    Focusing on ML, AI & CNCF

    Formfactor independent design

    ML Tools (TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe2, ArCore, ArKit)


  7. We grew to

    70+ Members

    Served Client

    220+ Clients
    Added Services

    Product launch for insureTech

    Computer Vision

    Stimulated Conversations with Automated Chats



  8. We grew to

    80+ Members

    Served Client

    250+ Clients


    Started Offices in Seattle, WA & Chicago, IL

    Strategic partnership in USA & South Africa

    Added Services



Project Execution Methods

Software development methodologies play a very important role in delivering a quality result in expected time and cost. To control the structure, resources and quality output software development companies in India, USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and various other geographies of the world follow the standard software development methodologies. 9series, a leading Software development company in India and USA, follows mainly two (Agile & Waterfall) methodologies in project execution to ensure project delivered as per the expectations. Our methods are time-tested, authentic and definitive. However, we are not limited to it, as our team works dedicatedly with client’s team by following the development methodologies they considered in their project execution.

Agile Methodology

Agile Software Development is a method that is used to create a disciplined software management process that also allows some constant revisions in the development project. This is the type of methodologies which is one conceptual framework for undertaking various software engineering projects. We use Scrum, a framework for managing software projects and product or application development where our software development teams collude with customers at every phase of development, reply to the changes wanted and deliver constant and incremental working details.

Waterfall Methodology

This traditional model of software project development follows a sequential design process, in which progress is seen as the fall of water, through the phases of Requirement, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. As this model features planning in early stages, it keeps control of design imperfections before development. In addition, its absolute document and planning make it work well for projects in which quality control is practised well as in all our projects. This method is easy to understand and execute and strengthens one of the best practices for software development.

Our Business Models

Retaining a team and delivering skilled software are the two big ordeals an enterprise could have. Connecting with 9series ensures the services of technical experts as and when needed with least financial overheads, a great amount of versatility and hassle-free operations for the enterprise. We offer tailor-made and extensible business engagement models to accommodate the distinct set of industries, companies & businesses. We have 4 major Business Models suiting the different requirements.
Time & Material Model (T&M)

Traditional T&M is suitable for a quick start and for those who don’t want a large investment in the initial stages. Clients can manage the team jointly with 9series based on the project requirements. It is best suited for evolving requirements. We provide you with these services on hourly prices with flexible payment options. This model is based on the cost incited as per the resource utilized in a selected time period.

  • The Time & Material model is most suitable for the projects that require flexibility.
  • T&M engagement model is favoured by many clients since it allows you the control development cost and quality of the project.
  • This type of business model is successful for software projects that lack the complete vision of the final product.
Strategic-Contract Based Model

This is one of the most suggested models by 9series. This model is suitable for those clients who are looking for a quick start and less investment in the beginning. We provide you with the resources based on the need, choice and expectation. There is a monthly rate fixed.

  • You get a tight-knit team of software developers totally aligned with your working strategy.
  • The team is focused solely and exclusively on your project.
  • You have full control in the selection, engagement, management, and adjustments of the team.
  • You reduce your development prices and time to market, thus significantly enhancing the ROI.
Fixed Cost Model

For small and medium level projects where plans, requirements and stipulations can be easily defined and specified, the fixed cost engagement model works best. This engagement model is efficient if you focus more on the aspired result rather than the methodology used. On the client’s approval, the team will define the project delivery schedule within the given budget.

  • This engagement model is a low-risk business model, particularly when you now have well-defined project specifications and suitable methodology to execute the project.
  • It is best to consult and evaluate the project details and cost at the start of the engagement model.
  • You can reconstruct the pricing and scheduling once the project is concluded and you want to get some changes done.
Offshore Development Centre Model

By engaging in this model, clients leverage and exercise complete control of the project. Right from team building, to infrastructure, we provide you with all. You already are clear on what you want to perceive and require a prompt response. You have absolutely zero time for creating your own remote team and waiting for the ramp-up. 9series follows the whole cycle from ideation and mapping, through construction and testing, to deployment and maintenance.

  • It is best for those who you are looking for a long term association.
  • We offer a collaborative partnership for setting up Client’s virtual office at 9series
  • It is best and ideal for large scale projects & engagement
  • You can hire a dedicated team of engineers for your project.


9series has an infrastructure that is employee-friendly and helps them to be productive, and efficient. We possess data networks with high-speed and highest security. Among our superior features, we are equipped with the latest technologies and experienced teams in various departments. We ensure to stay updated and have the best for our people and clients. To ensure security and reliability we have added a few more to our office.
Security Zone

Adequate Data Backup Policy

Secure & High-Speed Data Networks

Appropriate Internet and Network Security Measure

Biometric-based authorisation for entry and exit

24 Hours CCTV Surveillance

Comfort Zone

Comfortable and Refreshing Work environment

Pantry Area

Visitors Waiting Area

Robust seating arrangement

Meeting Zone

Directors Cabin

Conference cabin

Meeting Rooms

Accounts Cabin

IT Zone

Gigabit Ethernet

Server Room