9series develops solutions that help in managing the farmers and the crop details with ease. It gives the farmers total control over their farm, crops and the equipment used. We provide professional agriculture Web design solutions that help to boost the quality, quantity and is cost-effective of the agricultural produce. We have integrated the best, high-performance software & farming practices to help the farmers take a more extensive strategy to monitor the soil, crops and weather conditions.

Advanced Cropping

Our developers build a solution that provides details of the crops, fertilizers used & the warehousing details. With the help of our ML algorithms and integration with the weather system makes the growth forecast east and more reliable.

Machinery Management

With our machinery management solution, you can optimize the machinery performance across all your farms. You can keep a track on the equipment used each day and which machinery was last used in the farm. You can capture data easily with the integration of the solution with warehouse data.

Store Management

We provide you with an easy Store Management system that includes an online store, & shopping carts, catalogues, payment gateways and all that is necessary for you to run your store smoothly.

Staff Management

Our solution allows you to manage the staff with ease. Assigning roles and giving each of them responsibilities gets easier with the online system. You can also handle multiple farms and their staff together with this system. You can create logins for multiple staff members & also allow them to record the different farm activities carried out throughout the day. Hire manpower based on the requirement or the size of your land can be done easily with this solution.

Multiple Farm Management

We build a dynamic and robust system that allows you to track & manage your multiple farms from a single system. We integrate the employee management system that records data from all farms and gives you the final data on day-to-day-basis. You can also get data of the farm right from the seeds are sowed to the crops are cut & sold.

Farm Mapping

We build software that helps to record the heat maps for measuring the health of the crop. Mapping the crop growth and its quality from time-to-time becomes important to ensure there is no damage done to the crop while it is being cultivated.

Integration with Accounting Systems

We integrate third-party accounting software like Quickbooks and add customizations like farm accounting system to get the right cost of the goods and other indicators.

Integration with Payroll System

Our experts integrate the third-party Payroll System with your existing one. It allows you to generate the payroll of each employee based on the work hours and activities done on the field.

Live Stock Management

We develop unique and customized platforms that help to centralize the management of your cattle & livestock. We build for you the grazing and livestock breeding management system that helps you to get details of all even if you are not physically present there.

Sensors & Soil Quality

We have experts that help to digitize your entire farm and develop a 3D model of your soil. This helps to collect the data of the soil quality and life cycle of the crop. There are sensors that notify you upon any changes that might be important for you to know, that take place while the crop is growing.

Farm Surveillance Using Drone

We enable farm surveillance using Drone. The drone creates a 3D map of the crops on your farm, uses the latest sensors to notify you of any damage and measures the health of the crop. Having your farm under surveillance will keep you updated about the crops and the activities on it.

Cultivation Management

Helping you smoothen your cultivation process & generate important information that will help to increase the productivity and the profits for your farm.

Produce Management

We develop an amazing system that allows you to manage your produce carefully. Knowing the exact quantity and store it in the right place. You can also generate the storage reports of the produce you have in the storage.

Purchase Management

It allows you to manage your purchases right from seeds for your farms to the fertilizers, medicines, and equipment & machinery you will need for sowing and reaping them. You can raise Purchase orders to the vendors for different items.

Logistic Management

You can track your fleet when they leave the premises to deliver the produce & products. Managing logistics is equally important till your products finally reach the buyer.

Mobile App Development

We develop a dynamic and user-friendly mobile app that allows you to access & enter each and every detail of your farm and the crops being cultivated in it. Right from the seed to the final fruit, you can see everything on your app, even while you are away. Data entry can be done easily while in the field & it lets you work offline too.

Portal Development

Developing customised and dynamic portal for the farmers. This helps to bring your farms in the future and take complete control of it with the help of the custom portal developed for you.

CRM Development

Our experts develop a dynamic & robust CRM software to boost your customer interactions and grow your customer database. This helps to streamline your agribusiness operations and automates your marketing activities.

ERP Development

Our experts have been into ERP development for many years. They understand the client's requirement and make customization based on that. We integrate the robust & dynamic ERP platforms that perfectly fit in your agriculture business. We help to automate your workflow and integrate the data import and export by developing custom modules for your farms and its functionalities.

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Latest Technologies & Tools

We use the latest technologies and tools that are best for Healthcare application development services, giving your customers a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Data Analysis

Handling and managing large pools of data can be very daunting. But, you needn’t worry as our expert data analysts will take care of it all for you.

Customized Solutions

As experts in developing web and mobile apps for healthcare, we provide customized solutions to all our clients based on the requirements of the business.