Building e-solutions to develop medical and patient care globally. With our healthcare solutions, we are reformulating the access to healthcare services. Where the world has become mobile today, it becomes equally important to provide healthcare management software. 9series has a team that is specialized in developing dynamic e-healthcare solutions with complete web & mobile app development services.

Patient Portal

Allowing access to the information that will include the patient’s medical history, treatments the patient has undergone and current medication. It provides you with customized workflows for modules such as new patient registration, old patient details, room assignments, patient monitoring systems, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Allows the patients to access details of various treatments they have undergone, receive alerts/notification for when a check-up is scheduled, allows to reschedule the appointment and get medicine details after visiting the doctor.

Workflow management

Makes it easy to manage the entire workflow right from taking an appointment, lab-tests of the patient, follow-ups, scheduling the next appointment, providing medicines to billing the patient. Everything is covered, providing smooth and easy management of the work.

Vendor Management

Allowing you to manage different vendors for supply of products through one single window. Adding, removing or finding details of the vendors can be done from one single window. The need to manually maintain the records will no longer be required.

Inventory Management

Keeps a record of the products that come in and out of the hospital. Provide unique codes to the item making it easy to track their movement. It also has a record of the inventory in the hospital giving you an overview of what needs to be ordered and what is already in stock. You also get details of the items that have expired and need to be discarded.

Medical billing

It allows managing the patient’s billing process which otherwise is time-consuming, especially in hospitals that are busy and have many patients throughout the day. Entering the patient details will give them access to the details sent by the doctor to generate their bill.


Allows the doctor to prescribe medicines to the patient through the app. You can schedule to meet your doctor through the app, and have medicines prescribed for any illness that does not require you to meet him. It also allows the patient to send the prescription to the pharmacy so the medicines could be delivered.

Medication Calendar

Get alerts on when a medication needs to be taken. All this will be set in the calendar to give you regular reminders to avoid skipping medication. The calendar will also have the schedule for your next appointment before your medication is over.


Get notifications on when a doctor will be available, the tests to do, your appointment with other doctors for follow-up. You will also get a notification in case you missed an appointment for rescheduling it.

Online Patient Record Management

Complete patient record right from the 1st appointment, to test, to medicines prescribed, billing and the next appointment. This will also have records of what medicine or drug a patient is allergic to, so that, if any other doctor prescribes medicines, he should know about it from the patient record. It serves as the best Hospital Management Software to have all records in one place.

Web/Mobile App Development

We are experts in building dynamic software apps for the web & mobile benefitting the best of platform capacities and offering users a hassle-free and amazing experience.

Application Support & Maintenance

We assist in maintaining your existing software apps to decrease the costs. We allow you to focus on your business leaving the maintenance & support headache on us.

Modernizing the Apps

We migrate legacy apps to dynamic & powerful technologies, enhancing the user experience.

Integration with 3rd Party API

We help in integration with 3rd Party APIs like CRM, Payment Gateways & Encrypted Chat Tool integration.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technologies & Tools

We use the latest technologies and tools that are best for Healthcare application development services, giving your customers a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Data Analysis

Handling and managing large pools of data can be very daunting. But, you needn’t worry as our expert data analysts will take care of it all for you.

Customized Solutions

As experts in developing web and mobile apps for healthcare, we provide customized solutions to all our clients based on the requirements of the business.