9series work with an array of Manufacturing companies to help them overcome the various challenges they face in production & management. We help to simplify their entire manufacturing process with the help of our IT solutions for the manufacturing industry. With the help, our solutions manufacturing industries can control technology and improve the efficiency level.

Purchase Management

Enabling vendor management, vendor item/ product listing. With our solutions, you can easily manage the quotations, generate POs and approvals and link items to the current stock in the store. This makes the entire purchase process easy & smooth.

Inventory Management

Allows you to keep an online record of the inward & outward of the stocks. Get item stock at your fingertip. There is a unique identification number that lets you identify the stocks and integrate it seamlessly with purchase. Get alerts and reports such as inventory control, stock utilization and more.

Production Management

Enables production planning, machine scheduling, raw material usage, tracking daily production & billing. With the reports, it gets easy to get details of wastage and total production on a daily basis with the automation in your manufacturing firm.

Warehouse Management

Enables labelling and scanning of products in the warehouse, allows inward and outward management of stock in the warehouse. We also provide mobile scans to get instant information of the product. Easily integrate Logistic/Delivery department or third-party systems. Get alerts & reports whenever you need them.

Sales & Marketing

Enabling CRM Solutions to integrate leads from various sources (Phone, Online, Field Agents, Whatsapp and more). Allows you to track the lead status and conversion of the same. Tracking the target and performance of a team and individual will be with them always, they will not require reminders.

Delivery & Vehicle Tracking

Enabling notification for use of in-house or third-party vehicles for delivery and get notification of the same. The online solution allows you to keep track of the same until delivered successfully. Generate reports on order pending, scheduled and delivered.

HR Management

Enabling your HR process with the online system simplifies all the data and gives you everything in just a click by integrating it with the HRMS solution.Recruitment,Resource Management,Attendance,Leave Management,Payroll,Holidays,Festivals,Training etc.

Streamline Workflows

We help to streamline your workflow with our easy and smooth system. Maximizing the optimization of your resources helps to provide you and your team with a process that is smooth and efficient.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With the online system interaction with customers will be enhanced. Allows you to find solutions that are better and faster that will enhance customer satisfaction.

Higher Performance & ROI

Once the system is integrated you can access the data even offline. Providing amazing performance will also increase customer loyalty to a great extent.

Seamless Integration

Having in-built connectors & pre-built components makes it easy to integrate the mobile with backend systems and allows you access to the data anytime and anywhere.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technologies & Tools

We use the latest technologies and tools that are best for Healthcare application development services, giving your customers a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Data Analysis

Handling and managing large pools of data can be very daunting. But, you needn’t worry as our expert data analysts will take care of it all for you.

Customized Solutions

As experts in developing web and mobile apps for healthcare, we provide customized solutions to all our clients based on the requirements of the business.