Innovative Solutions that help to transfer your Restaurant Business. Boost your food & restaurant business using the latest technologies to reach your customers. For a successful restaurant business, it is important to be able to deliver user-friendly services. We allow our clients to focus on the business leaving the technical part to us. We build apps and solutions that can easily connect the technology and the business needs. Our solutions are user-friendly and help to generate higher ROI than before.

Branch Management

Allows you to manage the branches and get regular updates on their performance. You can extract reports on their activities and performance that you might have missed.

User Management

Allows you to organize and manage your staff very well. You can assign roles to each of the staff members.

Role Management

Allows you to manage the roles of your staff across all the branches. You can edit the roles when necessary.

Table Reservation

Allows reserving a table for dinner or lunch. It is easy to make reservations now without having to call the restaurant and asking for availability. All one needs to do is check the status in the app to make your booking.

Advanced POS

Allows automatic invoice generation, integrated with the latest payment gateways. With this, there is no need for a person to handle the payments anymore as everything is automated.

Attendance Management

Can easily manage the attendance of the students, teachers and other staff members through the online portal.

Menu Management

Allows you to manage your menu nicely by also adding some pictures to it, making it attractive for the customers. You can add or delete menu as per the requirement or the based on the occasion or festival. You can also have special menus for special days.

Supply Chain Management

Having an uninterrupted supply of the raw material required for your restaurant is the owner's responsibility. Owners & managers can easily manage the raw material that is the lifeline of your business.

Push Notification

One can easily send automated or manual push notifications that will be helping in driving more traffic. It allows you to send messages based on the geography of the customers.

CRM Integration

With third-party CRM integration, you can strengthen your customer service. You can also use the CRM data for marketing in the future.

Analysis & Reporting

Get analysis & generate reports of various aspects of your restaurant. You can easily analyse customer behaviour and generate a report of the restaurant's performance and the ROI.

Manager App

We develop the manager app in such a way that the restaurant manager can keep track of his business by knowing the orders coming and also managing the team efficiently. You can track the order, assign tables to the waiters, manage the inflow of cash and get feedback & reviews that you can analyse later on.

Waiter Panel

A panel that allows the waiter to allocate and complete the tasks given ensuring the customers are served better. Allows them to take orders, assign tables, generate bills, pass the order to the kitchen and take customer feedback.

Customer App

Allows the customer to place orders seamlessly. Give them a choice in table selection. They have the detail of ingredients of the order they are placing.

Web & Mobile App Development

We have the expertise to develop robust web & mobile apps for your restaurant to ease your work. It also provides the users with a hassle-free experience on the app.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technologies & Tools

We use the latest technologies and tools that are best for Healthcare application development services, giving your customers a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Data Analysis

Handling and managing large pools of data can be very daunting. But, you needn’t worry as our expert data analysts will take care of it all for you.

Customized Solutions

As experts in developing web and mobile apps for healthcare, we provide customized solutions to all our clients based on the requirements of the business.