"Docker is becoming one of the foremost demanding and everyone’s favorite DevOps tools. And It holds the DevOps within the next few years. Docker is a widely used containerization tool which allows its users to deploy multiple applications within a single OS without affecting your application. It traditionally packed your application into concise and swappable components. Docker provides unified frameworks for all apps or microservices, Linux or Windows, on cloud or on-premises that's agile and portable. And so are we!!”


Benefits of Docker Technology:



We recommend you to employ Docker or a similar application from scratch to production in order to avoid time waste on the later part. Our experts facilitate you to convert your application into a container-ready system. We help our clients to build the application that enables you to move your apps to any server you want with the identical efficiency and with minimal sizable that provides the best delivery. 9series already has an expert team that delivers docker services.

  • Docker Consulting Services
  • Docker Customization
  • Docker Implementation
  • Support and Maintenance

Docker Consulting Services

We believe to deliver not only the best application but a great support infrastructure. Our Docker Consulting services provide the simplest and most efficient as well as reliable supporting infrastructure. Although we often recommended our clients to use docker from the scratch, if they didn’t use it and now want to add the Docker containerization for the future, we are here to do it all the way you want it.

We can provide all Docker consulting services in any Operating system of Android, iOS, or any web languages like .NET, Laravel, PHP, Angular-JS, or any other as such.

Docker Customization

We can provide you customized plugins or APIs under our Docker customization services. These services can be categorized with OSI or without OSI depending upon your requirements we will do it. We could do some more services like, run your site/app without installing it, can do the modification or necessary changes as per your requirements under our Docker customization services.

Docker Implementation

Different types of Microservices like Spring-based Microservices and its modifications, add configuration servers, etc. are delivered in the most efficient way. When microservices blend with Docker containerization, Docker helps to be easier to write/build software lines. So that you can be free from your future problems.

We can train CI-CD-based docker containers and have excellent commands on engine support for Docker. Our other services are LDAP and issuing a docker license.

Support and Maintenance

We know how much it is important to have support or maintain the site/application or even a single ad page. Keep this thing in mind, we are here to provide the support and maintenance in all services that we recommended earlier. We can also provide customized support or maintenance as you like. This is part of one of our special services where we will provide the support for the Docker containerization and maintain it for the same.

24*7 support

We understand that this is a new technology which requires more support and that’s why we would be always there for your support.

Experienced Developers

We know the importance and perks of hiring dedicated developers. So, we established a clan of developers who are innovative and experienced in this field.

Client satisfaction

Our utmost priority is to get our clients happy from the services we provide to them. Because we believe that If our clients are happy then we could also be happy.

100% Transparency

We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. so, we maintain it throughout the development process or project.