“Documentation is a very important process for increasing the efficiency of the operation of any firm. Proper and complete documentation is very necessary. It is important that you understand the importance of a company’s data but also of the processes and procedures. At times it gets very challenging to maintain all the technical requirement documentation.”

9series provides a custom approach to its clients working closely with them to understand and achieve their business goals. Here is how 9series helps you with their Business Requirement Documentation services.

Gathering Requirement

We understand your business and your customers. Based on our understanding we start the business requirement documentation. We gather all the relevant information from the in-house teams and departments.

Analyze & Design

We analyze the project related documents, design a plan for the documents and templates and structure the layout of the content. We create a functional requirement documentation for their entire process and operation. We then prepare the final documentation to be delivered.

Delivery & Deployment

We prepare to deliver and deploy the final documentation to the client. We also include a feedback form in which clients give their feedback. Based on that we send the final document to the client.