Top IoT development company india

“Helping clients to realize the varied fortuities & perks possible by discovering the power of connected products and solutions. We believe in remodeling the customer experience through an impeccable connection of everything. IoT helps to hone business processes by centralizing platforms and embellishing employee productivity. IoT has changed the way people are thinking, where they have understood that in order to stay long in business and ahead of the competition they will have to capitalize on this next generation technology.”

IoT- Internet of Things is something businesses cannot afford to ignore in today’s times. It is the next generation technology that comes with new experiences. It has redefined the world of internet and communications. The world today is customer-centric and ready to embrace the new technology for better growth. The IoT development services are changing rapidly with numerous additions to the technology, and standards.

Internet of Things app development company india

IoT App Development Services

9series is one of the emerging IoT development companies in India that is embracing precautionary approach to forbid business issues through real-time observations. We make sure that the IoT application development we provide is niche and feasible; suiting your company’s needs. Services we provide are:

  • IoT Consultancy
  • IoT Development
  • IoT Testing
  • IoT Support & Maintenance

IoT Consultancy

We offer IoT consulting service where our skilled team members provide you assistance. They understand your requirement and suggest advancements you could make in your business with IoT. Our experts analyze your IoT requirements and make suggestions that will be beneficial to you and your business in the near future.

IoT Development

Our experts abreast with each client to understand the precise designer or developer needed to enable device connectivity seamlessly.

IoT Testing

We provide you with leading and top quality IoT testing service that ensures seamless connectivity and operations of devices/systems based on available data. Our testing services make sure that the solution we provide you is secure, high-performance, compatible with your devices & systems and is bug-free.

IoT Support & Maintenance

We have a technical team. This team will assist you, in case, if you have any confusion or question regarding the solution.

IoT application development company in india

Technical Expertise

9series has a team of experts who have the experience and passion to develop the best IoT solutions using these latest technologies.


TCP is the most common protocols used to run on top of IP. Because it is so known and common it is popularly known as TCP/IP. It is built on Top of IP. TCP provides you with reliable, ordered, error-checked delivery of a stream of data between various programs. With the help of TCP you can send data from an app to another app; in another device and gives the data in exactly the same way you sent it.

A very known use case of TCP is HTTP. Your online browser (application 1) will connect to the server (application 2). When this connection is complete, the browser will be able to request through this connection, and the server will be able to respond back via the same connection.

Queue Processing

Queue processing is basically the model of waiting lines, created so that the length of the queue and the waiting time can be easily anticipated. The network of these connected queues enable models of similar kind for more intricate circumstances where transmitting between the queues plays a vital role.

  • Queue Processing

Integrate With Existing System

You don’t need to replace the current technology or system being used in your company. Integrating this with your current system and have the communication standards predefined.

Decreased Costs

Real-time monitoring and getting smart analytics gives you the liberty to predict your future events helping decrease the time and cost.

On-time Project Delivery

We believe in delivering projects on time. We know the value of time hence right from the beginning we ensure that you are in every communication, alteration or redesign of the product, to be on the same page.