“Despite the automation era being so much in demand, manual testing is still very important when it comes to ensuring that the software developed is bug-free. Automation has become important in every element of development, yet, manual testing is crucial for some functional testing process.”

Manual testing is a very successful testing approach to find crucial errors. It leverages methods like logical reasoning and conclusions to obtain some of the bugs or problems which sometimes get neglected in the automation testing process. We at 9series are a leading manual testing company in India having a team of proficient and expert in the testing department who deliver only the best.

web and mobile manual testing company in India

Manual Testing Services

9series provides a wide range of reliable & high-quality manual testing services to all its clients. Our engineers use proven strategies in manual testing to reduce the errors and bugs.

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Integration Testing

Functional Testing

We ensure that every feature in your software works as it is supposed to, avoiding any kind of errors that would hamper its proper functioning. A report will be sent of the risks and recommended changes required for its better performance.

Regression Testing

With the help of regression testing, we make sure the original code is not broken through the program extension, optimization or implementing a new software.

Compatibility Testing

Our testing engineer makes sure that your app is compatible with other devices. We ensure responsiveness, positive user experience and proper functionality on all devices and platforms

Integration testing

Our testers make sure that each element is compatible with the entire solution without any interruption and seamless navigation.

Expert Team

We have an expert team of dedicated testers who work on your project. They have a project manager that will coordinate with to ensure the work is done timely.

Dedicated resources

If you have a project and are shuffling between resumes to find the best match, then don’t worry. You can pick one of our best Manual Testing testers for your project.


We provide cost-effective and efficient manual testing services to our clients. Client satisfaction is our prime goal hence we work with full dedication, spend less of their money and yet give them the best results.