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“It is a very tiresome task for small & medium industries to own, manage, upgrade and maintain the mobile app quality. Why not focus on mobile business strategies and application development instead of worrying about application quality when 9series is there for you.”

A good QA not only helps to optimize the product performance but also magnifies the end-user experience. With the help of our adroit and expert mobile QA team, we not only provide a quality performance to meet your mobile app testing requirement but, also offer independent QA services for developers and enterprises.

mobile application testing services in India

Mobile Application Testing Services

We have the best quality analyst and test engineers who can dedicatedly help you to identify issues your app has and suggest the best solution(s) for the same. It is always better to fix the issues before your end customer raises it in public. At 9series, we specialize in serving end to end mobile application testing services.

  • App Functional Testing
  • App Non-Functional Testing
  • App Interruption Testing
  • App Memory Leakage Testing
  • App Security Testing
  • App Usability Testing
  • App Performance Testing

App Functional Testing

Our experts test and analyze your mobile application as per the recorded functionality and information provided. we ensure that your app's functions are working properly and are bug free.

App Non-Functional Testing

With the help of our experts get non-functional testing done for your mobile application to ensure it works under various interruptions. Our QA experts ensure to recheck every functionality multiple times before it is deployed.

App Interruption Testing

Our testing team checks the quality of an application by running an application under various interruptions tests. If any found they fix them first.

App Memory Leakage Testing

Our experienced testers make sure that your end customers don’t suffer from any kind memory consumptions & application crash issues while they are using the app. Hence, we check the same multiple times from multiple devices.

App Security Testing

Identify risks and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by applications installed on the mobile device. We fix those risks and make it a secure app for you.

App Usability Testing

Ease of using mobile application defines the user experience for your end customers. We ensure that your app passes the app usability test.

App Performance Testing

We evaluate the app from a performance point of view and identify what parts of the system perform badly. Based on that we fix the bugs.

Bug-free Apps

We at 9series craft a precise test strategy and plan that helps you to release bug-free and quality applications.

On-time Delivery

Our mobile testing team assures that every component in the app is tested well before the end user uses it and delivers it on time.

Expert Team

We have expertise in mobile app design, app development and beta testing.