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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have great significance in today's digital arena. Digital artist think about their profits being dishonestly shared by hosting platforms and middle agents. With excellent NFT development, they can easily save the rights of their content, showcase it and earn returns for a long time. Besides digital authentication of all types of assets, NFTs can't be transacted like normal cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms. However, the amount of NFT categories are limitless, although they currently are dominated by digital art, games, and music. NFTs enable so much in both the real and digital worlds.

9series, as a renowned non fungible token development solutions company assist you in building superior NFTS, for games, sports, music, file, digital collectibles, work of art and more. Moreover, when you utilize NFTs, we offer the best NFT platform with the desired number of utilities for conducting transactions. In this manner, it provides several advantages to all business sizes.

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Our NFT Development Services & Benefits

We are a reliable NFT development services provider. We have developed several NFT solutions for numerous startups. Our experienced team also has years of experience in developing robust and scalable trading platforms. We offer a wide range of services, from token development to creating digital crypto marketplaces.

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Create NFT Marketplace

Developing the NFT marketplace has become a lucrative niche for tremendous business growth in today's crypto world. The distinct number of NFT requirements and features support several industries, positioning it as an industry influencer. If you create an NFT marketplace for exclusive collectibles such as attracting a large audience to this virtual world, game assets, and paintings.

Non-Fungible Tokens for Businesses

The NFT marketplace offers huge income platforms for singers, designers, content developers and others; its value in real estate, gaming, and art has created plenty of AR/VR services. In NFT, real estate and infrastructure development sector digitization transforms the architecture and ecosystem of real estate into highly interactive environments.

Different NFT Platforms

The inception of NFT digital assets makes it simpler to tokenize collectibles into digital objects. All such tokens are unusual in that they are not interoperable and exchangeable. Ideal Ethereum protocols, which are thriving in today's digital economy, are generally utilized in NFTs. As a professional Non-Fungible Development Company, 9series develops the NFT marketplace.

Hire NFT Developers

No doubt, NFTs have achieved great existence and popularity in today's business world. However, its popularity has gained more plus after the introduction of Ethereum. The open validation and verification of token metadata and openly available transaction data make it cursive to prove ownership history. Other benefits of nfts are the always reliable backend of Ethereum maintains the NFTs easy going without any hassle.

Blockchain Platform
  • Ethereum
T Standard
  • ERC-721
  • ERC-1152
  • FA2
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

NFT For Games

Virtual assets in the gaming arena have exceptional gameplay with unusual assets such as upgrade tickets, weapons, and characters. Game developers can easily list a dedicated character for unique game development using NFT to sell in their gaming ventures, enabling them to generate more sales in NFT.

NFT For The Fashion Industry

NFT is highly used in the luxury industry for its one-of-a-kind pieces, known as tokenized. To eradicate the probability of unauthorized people, customers can digitally analyze possession of all accessible objects and accessories like jewels. Consumers may also quickly learn about the origins, possession, and other information of the assets.

NFT for Lending Platform

In this industry, NFT functions as an asset that enables you to borrow money easily by utilizing NFT as an accessory. When you take a loan in a smart contract, this network holds the NFT. This NFT will be issued when you pay the borrowed money per the smart contract; it enables you to achieve random results.

NFT for Media and Entertainment

The entertainment sector has been facing several hoaxes such as infringement, copyright theft etc. But NFTs have assisted this industry in all possible manners through unifying the idea of digitally attesting every part of media content or film. Therefore, it prevents all files from being shared or copied without authentication or permission of an authorized person.

NFT For Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sport is a buzzword these days in which people form a team, bid on teams and play to win real money. This sector generates a considerable amount of traffic and money in the industry. We create non fungible tokens for fantasy sports that revolutionize the industry by tokenizing players and teams with NFT.

NFT For The Real Estate

NFT in real estate brings new heights to the whole industry. By virtualizing lands and deploying it on the market, intended people will bid on them. Interior designers in the real estate industry with NFT generate more interest in your NFT, which also increases your platform's growth.

  • Project Understanding

    We first understand your business needs and niche. We recommend the best NFT solution dedicated to your business needs.

  • NFT Marketplace Design

    We have complete knowledge of IPFS protocols, smart contracts, and ERC standards and design a user-centric NFT marketplace for your users.

  • NFT Development

    We offer the best-in-class NFT marketplace development services and enable users on the platform to tokens for their real-world or virtual assets.

  • NFT Smart Contracts Audit

    Our expert testers test smart contracts on the developed NFT platform and ensure the contracts are free from any bugs and breaches.

  • NFT Marketplace Support & Maintenance

    We regularly monitor, support and maintain for handling new OS releases, third-party upgrades and ensure the smooth running in all possible manners.

Experienced Team

With robust and experienced, we offer the best non fungible tokens development solutions. We thrive on meeting client's requirements and provide satisfying services.

Project's Confidentiality

We always keep your projects' details hidden from third parties. Our team assures that we never uncover any data of your venture by making an NDA.

Rapid & Agile Development

We always deliver projects before the deadlines. Our focus is to offer quality solutions without any error. Thus, we help you launch your crypto platform effortlessly.

24x7 Support & Maintenance

We offer 24*7 support and maintenance to resolve bugs and solve any further problems. After project development and deployment, we hold a strong position for continuous operations.