“As organizations grow the extent of their mobile trace, they need a more extensive procedure to test QA. Having automated testing on every device can provide an actual understanding of the customer's experience on the apps, but this can turn out to be a very complex and time-consuming process that demands dedicated testing expertise to consider all variables. ”

9series is a well-known selenium web testing company and its services are based on the automation framework that renders a single, centralised solution for mobile and web services testing. It provides a structured method to stimulate QA cycles and intensify mobile service levels.

Selenium Testing Services

9series provides a wide range of selenium testing services to all its clients. We ensure to test every aspect and provide you with only quality products.

  • Test Automation Assessment
  • Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Automated Selenium Migration Services (migrate to selenium platform)

Test Automation Assessment

Test Automation Assessment helps the tester to decide whether or not the app needs automation. The result of this accelerated test automation suggests relevant automation approaches and accomplishes them to improve testing quality, decrease testing effort, plan and assure return on investments.

Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance

9series's test automation experts implement automated test suites with a focus on long-term utilization of the suites. Maintaining & regularly reviewing test suites to check if they are reliable and relevant. Maintenance of automated test suite and Test Automation Framework to support application & platform upgrades.

Automated Selenium Migration Services (migrate to selenium platform)

Migration services to migrate from legacy automation scripts to work on latest test automation tools. Our Automation experts help migrate from one automation tool to another with least hassle.

Test Automation Tools

Test Automation tools help teams test quicker, allows them to test largely more code, improves test efficiency, and frees up QA engineers so they can focus on tests that require manual attention and their novel human skills.

Behaviour-driven development

We offer behavior driven development for automation test suite creation using cucumber tool which has all requirements written in feature file format.

Enhances Speed

9series helps you execute automation testing to speed up your activity of testing and invigorate qualities of software in a cost-effective way.