“SugarCRM is a commercial open source CRM that comes with astounding flexibility. It is beneficial in providing various IT services as per the business requirements. CRM literally means Customer Relationship Management and today SugarCRM is the most in demand than other CRMs available in the market.”

Solutions developed by 9series drive a competent business action in the most structured process and smoothens the workflow. Such operations help businesses to scale up and boost their growth & revenues. We furnish the clients with services that enhance the communication with the customers allowing you to fulfill their requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint Development Services

We provide many SugarCRM services to our clients. You can enhance the productivity of your organization by using our Microsoft SugarCRM Development Services.


We have expertise in providing SugarCRM consultancy to SMEs that are interested in embracing the CRM technology to understand Sugar better. We also help them to implement it in their current system.


Deploying a CRM can be very staggering if it is not done with a calculated plan. We ensure to implement SugarCRM for these businesses in the best possible way.

Development & Customization

If you are looking to customize SugarCRM as per your business’ sales process, then we can help you to do it. Let us know what customization you need and our SugarCRM developers will use the best approach to deliver it to you.


To make a CRM works at its best when you integrate it with other frameworks like ERP or marketing automation. At 9series we incorporate SugarCRM with different frameworks.

Support & Maintenance

We are one of the leading SugarCRM developers. Our dedicated Sugar developers will ensure a smooth experience with your CRM.

Dedicated Sugar Team

Our SugarCRM team of dedicated developers have the experience and skills to implement numerous SugarCRM along with developing many plugins too.

Custom Products

9series is among the top companies involved in the development of SugarCRM plugins and other integration products. You can discuss your requirements with us and we customise them for you.

Flexible Approach

We have a flexible approach to the needs of our client’s business. You may be a start-up wanting to see the results of CRM for your business or a company already using it, we custom-make solutions as per your requirements & budget.

Dependable Support

We know that any CRM system will need constant support and training in order to work effortlessly. Our team is dependable and we provide you with all the support you need.