Angular Js Development Company

“AngularJS derives utmost dominance when used in front-end development and single-page apps. It can be the finest alternative if you desire to design applications that are akin to Google Analytics, Gmail, Real-Time Applications and a lot more. Being strong and rapid in the process, AngularJS is legitimately a developer’s contentment.”

A scalable and feature-rich application for businesses that simplifies complex business processes has become the prime concern for all companies.

As a leading AngularJS development company, 9series offers you complete solutions for app development while keeping in mind all the safety & privacy measures. Business owners can leverage some major benefits like endless flexibility, readability, and fluency of AngularJS.

AngularJs Development Services

Hire AngularJS developers from 9series to get customized web app solutions with a blend of user-friendly features and seamless performance. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript Framework. It is Google’s innovation and is considered to be a superheroic JavaScript MVW framework mainly used for front-end development.

angular development company in india


We provide you consulting services in AngularJs development. We analyze your business and its requirements and make suggestions based on that.


Our experts create intuitive AngularJs Designs that will leave a lasting impression on the users. We study your past designs and user behaviour, based on our insights we create the design for you.

Dynamic Web Application

9series as a company does not just offer AngularJS development services but we offer dynamic web application development that is robust and user-friendly.

Data Analysis Tools &
Interactive Dashboards

We create interactive dashboards and data analysis tools that will help you get an overview of your business through AngularJS Development.

Ecommerce Shopping
Cart Development

We are experts in creating interactive and user-friendly e-commerce shopping carts that help customers in making quick buying decisions. We use the best designs, and layout in AngularJs to give your user an amazing UI.

Plugin Development &
Theme Development

We are experts in plugin and theme development. We create exclusive and business-oriented themes and plugins to help you thrive and attract more users.

Social Networking

We assist in integrating social networking platforms on your AngularJS apps to help you connect with your clients and users in a click.

Creating Rapid, Flexible & Expandable Applications

The Angular framework is already designed for speed and flexibility, yet a lot of this relies upon the performance and implementation process. Our team takes exceptional care to assure that the applications we create have been enhanced to match the highest standards.

Work with Experienced Consultants

Our team has been working on AngularJS platform for a decade now. With so much experience our developers can help in consulting and providing solutions in urgent crisis.

We Design Apps To Amuse

Applications designed by us perform flawlessly on every device and give your users an amazing experience. Our prime focus is always on user experience, hence we make sure that your app is designed in a way that it amuses the user.

Deliver Fully Tested Applications

We ensure to deliver a fully tested app before it is delivered to you so that your users get a bug-free experience. We try to work on all the possibilities before it is delivered to you.