“Demand for a highly-customized and feature rich web application for business growth is the latest trend in the business world! We enable better control and visibility into your web development project— by strategically combining mature project development methodologies with robust project management tools and domain expertise to deliver end-to-end web development solutions.”

Our web development services are custom-built to help your business reach its goal. We help to speed your process by enhancing your virtual presence. Once your virtual presence is enhanced you will get enough exposure in the market to establish your company’s name. Our web development team will help you with the best and most customer-centric website.

We are a custom website development company that converts your ideas to reality. We use the latest tools and technologies to build state-of-the-art web apps for your business. We help to embrace the future technology to gain competitive advantage as you keep expanding your business across the globe.

Custom Website Development Services

At 9series, we offer singular and safe custom website development solutions that equal to a customer’s business game plan and necessity. We work together with customers to figure-out the goals and deliver superior business value. We draw from our decades of experience in web design and development to help you implement integrated systems and processes to scale new frontiers.

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An interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, linked with dynamic binding and dynamic typing, make it very engaging for rapid website and APIs development language. 9series is a professional Python web development company, delivering expertise in Python web development services including Python APIs, RESTFUL web services and custom libraries development.


We create web applications for all organizations. We provide a variety of Django Development services. We specialize in building high performing and elegant web applications with Django. We are a profound Django development company in India. Apart from the quality work 9series is known for giving highly viable and functional web development solutions to its clients.


9series is one of the top PHP-based open source website & portal development and services provider company in India. PHP is a part of LAMP Stack, where it stands for Linux - an operating system, Apache - a web server, MySQL - a database and PHP - a programming language.


We have expert Laravel developers who have the capability to deliver amazing Laravel websites and web portal with robust features. Offering progressive Laravel development services in order to develop distinguished web applications for all startups and enterprises. Our team consists of proficient Laravel developers who are accomplished to leverage the best features of Laravel PHP Framework


Codeigniter is a powerful, dynamic, well-documented open source PHP framework supports all types of functionality like MVC, Database Abstraction, Authorization, Authentication, Validation, Error Handling and Security. This MVC structure based framework adds more comfort to developer’s work. Our experienced CodeIgniter developers write very neat and clean code and provide high performance to the app following the precise instruction of framework.


A scalable and feature-rich application for businesses that simplifies complex business processes has become the prime concern for all companies. As a leading AngularJS development company, 9series offers you complete solutions for app development while keeping in mind all the safety & privacy measures.


One of the early adopters of Node.Js development services, 9series has a record of developing scalable, reliable and real-time apps for your business. We create products that satisfy our clients completely with the end result. Quality is our prime concern, and there can be no compromises on it.


We are one of the best Express.Js Development Company that has experienced and skilled people in the team. We build infinitely scalable and high performing applications for your business.


We have an experienced Vue.js development team that will be helping the clients to decipher your services and products into dynamic business opportunities. While using the state-of-the-art technologies our prime focus is to boost your brand. Enduring focus on the customer’s satisfaction during the project is our forte.


Having paramount experience of Microsoft Dot Net (.Net) gives us the ability to deliver rapid websites and applications. We carve the applications that increase the growth of the client's business. 9series is one of the top ASP.Net software development companies in India. Our team has vast experience in Dot Net development.


C#.net is the latest form of coding that helps your services to match with the latest technologies and expectations of the customers. C# is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. It is one of those programming languages designed for Common Language Infrastructure. C Sharp development helps in delivering fast and quick solutions as it is very useful for creating Windows applications.


Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4, MVC 5 and MVC 6 framework are the next generation instrument web development in the family of Microsoft. It is a framework of web application which implements the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern that allows developers to build scalable, dynamic, flexible, powerful and secure websites and apps for business in a shorter time span. At 9series, our team of experts and highly experienced people in MVC dedicatedly work on projects to be able to deliver reliable ASP.NET MVC system.


9Series is an established ReactJS development company that provides amazing features. It is on the boom currently because of its features of component feasibility that splits the interface segments into smaller components so they can be integrated into modules later on. And this process of breaking into components will take fewer efforts giving greater results. This makes it a robust ReactJS development company in India. Being considered an open source JavaScript Library, it has risen the bar of creating awe-inspiring user interfaces and web-apps.

Entity FrameWork

9series is a leading Entity Framework development company in India & USA. Our developers are skilled and experienced in handling all kinds of EF development. We analyze the full capability of Entity Framework’s features like the mapping designer, conceptual layer API, etc. in order to develop the most advanced apps. We have exceptionally adept developers having extensive proficiency of modelling techniques. 9series prime aim is to design and develop EF that makes database applications superior and more beneficial.

PHP Symfony

9series has been developing tailored software for more than 10 years. We provide a range of services on PHP application development with the support of our deep web application development expertise. We have an expert and certified team that works on Symfony development and are adept at building intricate applications using the Symfony framework and help businesses boost their operations at a rapid speed and of greater quality.


Build Apps fast, without managing the Infrastructure with Firebase you get functionalities like analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting that allows you proceed fast and shift your focus to your customers. Using the Firebase framework we build portable web apps for your company with the real-time database that is needed when one user changes his details in the records stored in the database, these changes are conveyed to the user, be it the users on a website, Android or iOS device.


9series is one of the top-notch experience Microsoft technology service provider companies in India. With the help of WCF we create unique designs, develop and distribute apps under the service-oriented architecture (SOA). WCF simplifies the cross-platform and cross-application development and authorizes the Dot Net Framework class libraries, tools, and services to facilitate the software entities to efficiently connect using any protocols.

Full Stack

Full Stack Development has been the prime choice of most organizations today, owing to the salient features that make it a wholesome package for any organization to succeed in business. Our Full Stack solutions reflect exhaustive knowledge of technologies and complete focus towards attaining organizational goals.

JAVA Development

9series has been providing Java development services for a long time. It is simply astonishing that you get a client-driven scope of adaptable and business-arranged Java development services for your company. Our customers extend across different domains, for example, automotive, online business, banking, etc.

Spring Framework

With our expert Spring Development services, it gets easy to share information & collaborate on documents. You can increase productivity using Spring Framework Development Services.