Substantial cognizance of convoluted projects leads us to the front-runner in the Microsoft technology services. Presentation layer has seized the spotlight by observing the customers’ affection.

9series is one of the top-notch experienced Microsoft technology service provider companies in India. With the help of WCF, we create unique designs, develop and distribute apps under the service-oriented architecture (SOA). WCF simplifies the cross-platform and cross-application development and authorizes the Dot Net Framework class libraries, tools, and services to facilitate the software entities to efficiently connect using any protocols. WPF helps to develop intuitive and standalone Windows installable and browser-based applications. When it comes to service-oriented technology; interoperability is the basic characteristics of WCF. WCF is a joined feature of Web Service, Remoting, COM+, and MSMQ. WCF gives a common platform for all .NET communication.

Microsoft WCF & WPF Development

9series is a well known WCF Development Company in India and offers a lot of services to its clients.

Microsoft technology service provider company in India


We help you in integrating Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with WCF.

Customized WCF

Our expert programmers help in creating custom bindings with custom WCF implementation and integrations.


We help you by developing new approaches around the business transactions with WCF.


We bring you innovative business offering with essential WCF service designs & strategies that help to boost your business.

Secured Web

Our developers create a secured, scalable and reliable platform with WCF.


Our developers help you to semantically connect with WCF messaging system implementation easily.

Interoperability &
Data Binding

We use the best interoperability with WPF by binding property & sub-property custom elements.


Being an expertise WPF Development Company, with the help of our developers you get better user experience by implementing WPF.

Support &

Enhance and manage your system up to date with our support services.

Dedicated Developers

You can hire dedicated developers for your projects. Our developers have years of experience and have the speed to complete projects on time.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technologies to give a competitive edge to your business and the competitors. We ensure that you are a step ahead of your competitors when it comes to using the latest technologies.

Continuous Support

We provide our clients with continuous support during the development of your solution. We attend to all your queries and ensure to give you a satisfactory solution.