9series is the fastest-growing company for mobile app development in New York City. We believe that speed and ease for users are essential in today’s ever-changing world. Our smart and diversified app developers help you develop a quintessential business application and take care of all the other parts of making an app, such as design, product features, vision, and even the message you want to deliver to your users.

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According to data, smartphone app development will cross next to $171 billion by 2024. So, A mobile app for your business is essential and we understand this thing thoroughly. so that we first analyze your demands, users, and your business so that you would get the best app-making services.

Custom mobile application development company Custom mobile application development company

Our App Development Services & Benefits

As we said, We are an app maker agency with loads of benefits like we have an in-house team that will give an in-depth idea about the process and suggest the best business fits that you would consider developing your app. Here we are listing our different services & benefits that best fit your business.

  • App Development
  • App Consulting
  • Blueprint & Wireframes
  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS & Android App Maintenance
  • App Marketing

App Development in NYC

We suggest you to choose this service to build your business app from scratch or updating your existing application. This way, you can also utilize our valuable suggestions to improve your market reach or build trust with your customer.


Building an app from experienced developers like 9series offers many benefits to your business. It improves your customer engagement, and they can know more about your business, product, & services. You can keep updating your customers with the latest offers, news and information. Your app can provide value to your customers and build a brand in the market.

Android & iOS App Consulting NYC

As part of our app consulting services, we offer our clients an in-depth overview of app functionality. It ensures the application delivers maximum ROI to their business. Our expert Android & iOS application consulting improves usability and interface.


9series app consulting has a verity of advantages. It allows you to build your application within the strategic boundary and reduce the security breach risk and many other pitfalls. Get our consulting service for the best data security and privacy practice in your smartphone application.

Apps Blueprint & Wireframes

At 9series, our App Blueprint & Wireframes allow you to build an app that ensures it's every feature adds some value to the customer journey, especially when your local business focused on New York. Our Blueprint provides a layout of the app, features, opportunity and limitation before the development process started.


Application Blueprint & Wireframe is necessary to estimate the development cost. It gives an idea of the application layout before it went to the final design and development stage. Wireframe also help a business to understand the goals, priorities and outcome of the application easily. It also helps to take necessary changes in app design based on your customer preference.

UI/UX Design Services NYC

The first thing that users will see in your application is design, and your app design must match with your business product, services & brand image to improve user engagement. Our smartphone app designer ensures all your app UI/UX elements like logo, image, style, and message match business objectives.


As a leading app UI/UX designer in NYC, we ensure our client business application design improves user experience & builds trust. Our app design process makes sure all business objectives are fulfilled, like sales & lead generation. Designing an app with us gives you the privilege to control costs and discover the challenges and opportunities during and after app development.

Application Maintenance & Support NYC

For an enterprise, app maintenance is essential but challenging as well. At 9series, we save your extra investment with specialized application support services. Our app maintenance includes performance & server monitoring, analytics, security reviews, app crash reporting, feedback monitoring, and app upgrade.


Our app support ensures your business application maintains transparency, improves productivity and customer experience. Our maintenance team keeps tracking your application to ensure fewer possibilities of app downtime. Consult our developer to improve your app efficiency today.

App Marketing Solutions New York

In this digitalized world we could help you to create different marketing strategies and enhance your market presence.


Marketing is essential, especially when your application is one of the primary sales and lead generation sources. We help you build your brand, reach a geolocation-based market, and increase awareness that ultimately impacts business sales and leads.

mobile application dev services mobile application dev services

Service for different Platforms

Nowadays, all things are online, and with smartphone apps, users prefer the app to even going for the website. According to data, 86% of the smartphone users use android rest is acquired by apple. And we have expert developers in both fields. Not limited to that we also have developers who can build your app on flutter. So, either way, we are here to help you build your app.

Hire Android Developer in NYC

Android A word that is changing the world in numerous ways due to its unfair advantages such as Low Investment and High ROI, ease of integration, more than one sales channel, wide user base, ease of adoption, etc. So, If you want to develop any kind of app we could build and even offer some good suggestions through our Android app consulting services that would help you to grow your business.

Hire iOS Developer in New York City

The demand for this is highly increasing from the revenue point of view. And also many people preferring Apple as it provides security and some other useful features such as filter user base, high ROI, secured transactions, strong brand value, etc. It certainly helps you to capture the USA market well and helps you to reach a more and wide audience. Our custom iPhone app development service enables you to make an iOS app if you have decided to make an app.

Hire Flutter App Developer in NYC

Flutter is a platform on which developers can develop an app for different platforms such as Android and iOS. It helps developers cliche work of writing code twice and that leads to saving a time of yours. So, If you are someone who knows that they need an app for both Android and the iOS app then we recommend using flutter to develop your app.

Hire Hybrid App Developer NYC

Hybrid means to blend and that’s what it actually is. Developers could write single code but for more platforms of application development. So, It not only saves your time but also saves your money. And gives your high-performance engagement with the simple backend. Its other advantages are the ease of integration. Attractive UI/UX design and even offline support. We urge you to take these services like custom mobile applications or cross-platform app development where we could provide all kinds of devices.

Hire iBeacon App Developer NYC

If you have any kind of store, then we would highly recommend you to go for this app development. iBeacon is basically a device with very strong features like, whenever users are within a specific range of the store, It sends them a signal at the right time while shopping. Not limited to that you could send them some special discounts, suggestions, directions and much more. So the app is a must for different stores.

  • Android Application
  • iOS Application
  • Flutter Application
  • Hybrid App Development
  • iBeacon App Development
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Flutter
  • C Language
  • Swift
  • Vimeo
  • React
  • Firebase
  • Twilio
  • View Binding
  • Camera Kit
  • Tokbox
External devices
  • Bluetooth


People become more health conscious than ever. With the increasing demands of this field, we can help you to build your healthcare application varying from fitness to research or any such for your e-healthcare business.


Education is the primary right of any individual. And we understand that thoroughly. So that we could help you to build any kinds of business that is most suitable for your ed-tech business.


Technology is changing every sector and the Insurance industry is changing more than ever. And mobile apps play a vital role in doing that with seamless simplicity for both end-users and companies. Some of its benefits are simplifying claim processing, enhancing the knowledge of insurance agents, Instantly generating quotes for customers, helps some business processes, etc. So, If you want to build an app that enhances your businesses our developers can help you to build your app.


One of the rapidly changing industries with the help of technology. There are numerous ways where an app could help the farmers. Like easiness in the crop, help crops with the weather and some applications and its analytics that would help a farmer to grow more its production.


According to data currently one of the big booming industries in the Logistics Industry. We could even create a portal and pipelines along with a live-tracking system that would enhance your experience.


Everything is online and all the things that started with E-commerce still less than one-fourth percentage of total commercials are going online. So, With bringing more changes in this field, we would certainly help you to build an E-Commerce app from the scratch with the best suitable ROI.


Leading InsurTech Enterprise


Leading Healthcare Tech Organization


Leading Market Research Client

  • Project Understanding

    We first understand your idea and your business industry. Our business analysts also recommend some best possible outcomes, different ways that will give you insights so that the process becomes simple.

  • Design

    As we said before, users see first. The more simple and beautiful your platform is the more chances that your user would convert into a customer. We have some great designers that are widely known for their design and work. They would develop your app design that is the best fit for your business. And that’s why we could say that we are also an app design agency.

  • Development

    We emphasized transparency so while developing your app we maintain the transparency and provide support on each stage of development.

  • Testing

    Not testing your application brings catastrophe and that is never wished by ours. So, our in-house testing team will check the quality, speed, and STABILITY.

  • Delivery, Support & Maintenance

    We understand the value of time. We delivered the projects on time and once your app will be launched we also help you with its maintenance with different maintenance services.


We think that if our client knows and understands the field it would be easy for them. So that our consulting team would often suggest some of the great recommendations that enhance your profitability.

Experienced Developers

Our code-loving clan of developer experts would develop the app and on time with flawless and efficiency.

On-time Delivery

We like to stay punctual so, we deliver your app within the time frame that we decided while discussing the project. Not limited to this, we are also known for our mobile app development solutions.

Continuously Support

Once the project would be delivered our project maintenance service team would help you to maintain and support the app.