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“PHP has become an “Eminent and Most Appealing” coding language by millions of developers by now, and consequently is an impressive open source development that lets you within a shorter time span to launch your business in the market. PHP is a widely used web programming language enabling your website through its extraordinary and exhaustive, plug and play features. Using PHP for web development and maintenance it leverages your website in many ways such as flexibility and ability to be able to use the complex features.”

9series is one of the top PHP-based open source website & portal development and services provider company in India. PHP is a part of LAMP Stack, where it stands for Linux - an operating system, Apache - a web server, MySQL - a database and PHP - a programming language. LAMP is an efficient open-source web platform. We are a top ranking php web development company in India, our skilled PHP developers and the expert team provides excellent services in LAMP programming catering to the special needs of clients.

PHP Web Development Services

9series offers you with the most incredibly efficient and tailored PHP development services to help you build the best Web Portals and provide your customers with the most robust mobile web services.

PHP web development services company


When developing a web portal on PHP, you should know there are many complications as each part of the portal has to be worked upon with care and in a perfect manner. Our experts ensure that everything is done with perfection and that each block and services are functioning correctly. We help to create an online presence for your business with our web portal services.

Mobile Web

Being a leading PHP development services provider, 9series offers robust and complete web-service for a mobile application that can be easily integrated with your iOS and Android apps. This makes sharing data between different devices and apps easy and simple compared to other methods.


9series helps organizations worldwide to operate smoothly by providing custom PHP back-end solutions for web and mobile applications for different execution levels. We also use cloud infrastructure to develop and host web & mobile applications back-ends. We integrate different cloud services to back-ends thus making the process a lot simpler.

Social Networking

Our PHP social networking solutions offer a comprehensive and effective communication platform for your business and customers. It offers a lot of features useful in creating your social networking site. Our PHP experts assist in social networking web application development as well as 3rd party social apps integration for your static or dynamic sites.


With our PHP eCommerce solutions you get everything that is required to build an appealing, professional-looking and fully-functional eCommerce website requiring minimal efforts in the procedure. The user-friendly interface is helpful in achieving successfully web store setting, design, customization, management and other related processes in an easier manner.


9series leverages widely used open source frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP and beyond to engineer distinctive and uniquely designed web applications for our customers. We adopt MVC(Model View Controller) for making easier and fluent modifications.


We offer an incredibly efficient PHP/MySQL development for your database website with high performance.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our PHP developers are competent with PHP (LAMP), MySQL, Apache & Linux allowing us to provide solutions that ensure maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Use Of Model View Controller

Our developers use the MVC (model view controller) as it has a dynamic architecture that expands efficiently to develop striking, productive and reusable web apps.

Affordable Pricing

9series showcases the best PHP web development services that are cost-effective. We provide solutions whose performance is guaranteed keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

Fast Data Processing

We enable our customers to take advantage of all PHP benefits. Our developers ensure fast data processing & compatibility with diverse OS by developing a website.

Hire Dedicated Developers

You can Hire PHP Web Developers on a project basis. We have the best developers who have many years of experience and are able to work even in close deadlines.